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We are Advanced Power Care Ltd -  a specialist business partner and supplier of back-up power, power storage and power distribution units.


Our product supply, installation and maintenance services support IT teams, engineers and business owners. We help businesses stay 'turned on' whilst keeping employees and customers SAFE.


There are three global trends that drive our markets:


Powering Digital Transformation


Sustainable & Renewable Power Storage


Electric Vehicles (EV's)

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Our Products

We have a large range of leading brand batteries, chargers, testing equipment, cabinets, accessories and safety equipment.

We also proud to showcase and promote British technology and manufacturing and have a section of products from world class UK manufacturers.



We are creating a showcase of our British manufactured products and are showcasing them as the BritVolt Range.

We will be announcing a new website soon. Look out for details, but in the meantime check out our shop here!

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We can inspect, service, and maintain battery storage and UPS systems. Additionally, we can remotely monitor battery health in real-time to proactively manage systems and repair and replace components BEFORE they fail. 

We are Official Select Partners of Schneider Electric.

APC, a flagship brand of Schneider Electric, provides clean battery backup power, surge protection, and IT physical infrastructure, ensuring data is available — whenever and wherever you need it.


APC integrated solutions are built with safety, reliability, and cybersecurity in mind for your homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries.

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We are Authorised resellers of YUASA Industrial & UPS Batteries.

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