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Working with large batteries?
Do so safely at all times.

The right training and

equipment is essential.

Battery Safety

Every year, at least 25 people are seriously injured when using batteries at work. If you or your staff work with large batteries, then you are responsible for safety - and with the increase in the numbers of electric vehicles used, there has never been a more important time to educate your organisation on the risks and dangers batteries can pose.


Work safely!

Batteries are used to store electrical energy. Many of the things we use every day rely on the instant power provided by batteries. However, the larger batteries found in workplaces can be dangerous and may explode if used incorrectly. 


Injuries from batteries include serious chemical burns to the face, eyes and hands, and wounds from flying pieces of metal and plastic. Burns from metal objects that have become very hot or have exploded after short-circuiting the battery’s terminals occur frequently. Serious electric shocks and burns are common in accidents involving high-voltage battery packs.

We supply safety equipment and tools for anyone working with batteries in the following fields;

■ motor vehicle repair and maintenance;

■ IT and telecommunications;

■ uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems;

■ warehousing and materials-handling;

■ stand-by electricity generation;

■ using or repairing electric or hybrid vehicles.


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