Volt Safety

The digital world and EV development is unstoppable - but managing electricity supply and storage creates new challenges, and increased risks for personnel and property. Health and safety need to adapt within organisations to ensure that staff are trained, competent and protected adequately. Volt is at the forefront of supplying safety solutions to these risks. Volt supply electrical PPE, tools and safety equipment to help customers stay safe.



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Volt partners design and manufacture products, and have mastery over our technology since the 1950s • We are pioneers of electrical safety, who know the market and operate all over the world • We have design departments in each plant, to create, develop and research new products • We draw on a responsive sales team, which is close to customers • Our vision of after-sales service encompasses delivery, advice and training in our products • We can offer you regular monitoring and periodic inspections of your products on test benches Products that have been developed carefully to combine safety and efficiency.